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Our Story: A Timeless Legacy

Our family has created a legacy derived from a passion for excellence in the jewelry industry.Whether you're celebrating a new chapter or the continuation of a long and wonderful tale, we'll help make your moment one to remember.


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Celebrating  35 Years
of Love Stories

In 1988 , the corporation was established and quickly evolved into one of the most recognized and trusted family jewelers in the region.

Since then, the business has continued to thrive. Tauqeer Imran currently operates five elegant stores in the Southwest Region  and has, in many ways, defined luxury for local Louisiana and Texas customers. Through the embrace of local culture and continuous philanthropic activities, Ron Jewelers has weaved itself into the fabric of the local community and the hearts of its customers.  Doctrate in Medicine and Surgery Dr.Imran has been chosen to share his Inspirational Story on of the best US Magazine INSTORE as “ The Most Inspiring Personality in Jewelry Industry “

These important bonds form the foundation and focus of our business. We believe building enduring relationships requires time and a commitment to improving the communities for all who reside there. Joining our customers in community organizations and endeavors allows us to demonstrate our friendship and commitment to them and all our neighbors. Our associates are encouraged to help their fellow citizens improve their quality of life through real and positive changes that make lasting differences in our society. We support many of our clients' activities as expressions of appreciation for their friendship, loyalty, and in recognition of their own contributions to our communities. 


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